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Peter in the Australian Outback - 1988

Do you want to learn how to take/create extraordinary images?
Are you struggling to generate interesting photography ideas?
Are you interested in going on a digital photography tour?

Peter Boonisar is an expert digital photography coach who has been coaching amateur photographers, creating courses and organizing photography tours and cruises since 1972.

"Take your eyes where they have never been before!"

Join Peter on his upcoming Digital Photography Tour to Belize, South America where you will explore ancient ruins, caves, cascading waterfalls, see monkeys and manatees.
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If you can't make the trip consider enrolling in one of his digital photography courses in Atascadero, California or receiving some individual photography tutoring.

Click the photo gallery link above to view some of Peter's previous trips to Alaska, Australia, California, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Dear Peter,

I wanted to thank you for an incredible photographic epiphany attending your workshops, photo-shoot tours, and sessions analyzing photographic techniques while on our Panama Canal cruise.

This was my first opportunity to spend time "eye to eye" with a professional photographer (by the way you have great people skills). The only dumb question is the one you don't ask and should have.

Looking through your eyes as we walked the shaded back streets of a sleepy coastal Mexican city, gave me a unique glimpse into a new world of creative thinking. I'll never look at another reflection in a puddle or delicate shadow cast from a small flower kissing the ground in the same way. As you explained, there are at least 5 ways to see every subject.

Thanks for the time you shared with us and all your professional assistance.


Dennis Seward

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